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Skin and Scars

March 15, 2015
By SerendipitousWonderland GOLD, East Brunswick, New Jersey
SerendipitousWonderland GOLD, East Brunswick, New Jersey
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-Amy Rubin Flett

I've had moments when desperately

I wished to climb out of my skin

the reason for this is only to

escape what lies within

That sinking, deep dark feeling

when there's nothing left for me

my flesh takes all the damage

for ten seconds of feeling free

It happens at night when I'm alone

save for the twinkling stars

and each painful experience

leaves me with scabs and scars

I cannot quite explain it

but this at least is true

I'll only be comfortable with myself

when I know that you are, too.

The author's comments:

I've never done this to myself; but it is dedicated to those who have.

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