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The Light

December 27, 2008
By ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
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As i walk in solitude through the Obscure dark all i feel is loneliness
The only company
Being the frosty
That surrounds me
As i walk
Deep and deeper
Into the darkness
I start to slowly
Lose myself
Becoming what i never wanted to be
Just as i feel myself
Being consumed by the
A twinkle of light
Appears Faintly in the shawdows
As i slow move toward it
The loneiliness
That once was making me
A part of it
Starts to slowly melt away
Into nothing
At the warmth
Of the growing light
In front me
AS i get closer..
I feel a tingle
Run across my skin
And on my lips
As i start to become
A part of the now
Dazzling and loveing
All i feel is sernity and happiness
As i feel my body being consumed
By the light
And i feel the since
For the first time
Of belong loved
And the since of

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