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Warrior of Choice

December 24, 2008
By Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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What good is a warrior,
If he cannot fight,
If he has never suffered,
From pain and blight.

Is he truly a warrior,
If he chooses to flee
The pain of a battle,
The reality.

How can a Warrior,
Ever learn to be sane,
If he flees, and hides,
From a downpour of rain

He will never grow stronger,
He will never move on,
And there is always a choice
He must act upon

It is up to the warrior,
To fight suffering and pain,
To beat down the lies, the hurt,
To walk out into the rain.

Upon touch,
The warrior is battered,
And he begins to fall
He sees the reality,
As truth begins to call.

The warrior is torn apart,
And he begins to feel incredible pain,
As all the evils of the world
Cascade upon him,
One with the fearful rain.

So there he stands,
Driven to his knees,
And with fury in his eyes,
He cries out:
“rain! Hear my pleas!”

Lying in a puddle,
Drowning in despair,
He admits defeat,
Bowed down solemnly to his enemy,
He offers his feet.
On the inside,
He smiles,
He cant thank the rain enough,
For the pain he received,
As he sees the reality,
In the world of lies he perceived.

The warrior drives himself to his height,
Born anew,
A warrior born under defeat.
But now he knows,
What is suffering, pain and grief,
He can resist it,
He can fight it,
No need to hide from it,
He is born a warrior,
A warrior of truth.

He can now learn,
He can fight once more,
As his common enemy
Isn’t as strong as before,
The warrior has nothing to fear,
The untold pain, and lies
Were his real enemy.

He now is ready,
To resist once more,
Because cowardice
No longer emanates from his core.
He has learned what pain is,
And he has no need to fear it anymore.
And so the warrior is prepared,
For what comes next,
He is aware of how to fight,
Of what the truth of life is,
He is aware.

The warrior is ready for the next attack,
Which stands close, and near,
And he can do no more but stand,
And thank his enemy,
For helping him conquer his fear.

He now stands a true warrior,
A warrior of choice.

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