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The Thin Ice

November 18, 2008
By Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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I slid off,
Off my safe bank,
And I was thrown,
Thrown onto a river of ice

Under my feet,
I can sense a depth,
I see it can hold,
My weight for a while,
But I push on off,
Not willing to reconcile.

As I step further,
Shadows block my prosperous view,
And I cannot see a safe retreat under my shoe.

I cannot see the depth as it is,
I can only find,
That there is a surface of one kind,
But my mind seems to say,
This depth is unknown,
You may have already set your fate,
In a grip of stone.

But I lust to know,
Where the end of this icy river will flow,
So I step deep into the thick ice,
And I head on,
Paying the unknown price.

With a smile on my face,
I walk deeper into the river within,
And I probe the ice, with my mind,
Scratching the surface,
Seething to see the inside.

I continue on,
And I fail to see,
That the ice under me,
Is thin,
That is should turn back and flee,
But I continue regardless,
With only my conscious and me.

By now my soul had realized the danger,
But my conscious denies my evident fears,
Because it is blackened by the thought,
That across the river,
A new shore is near.

My soul screams in alert,
But my conscience beats back the truth,
And I continue on, unhurt,
Because my mind has defied the truth,
Of a danger in front that my souls sees,
But my mind has a plan,
A plan for a better me,
Myself on a safer, better shore,
Only across this stretch of ice,
and it blackens the truth,
a corruption of what I should see,
I am walking on thin ice,
But I strive ahead,
Without a thought to flee.

Suddenly, I push to hard,
My foot steps on a plate,
And it cracks, and splinters,
And only then, the truth comes to me,
In a desperate plea,
That I am standing on thin ice,

But it was too late,
The damage was done,
My conscience denied me of what I needed aware,
So I whirl around, to the cracking of ice,
And I run,
I run back to mend it, to save myself,
I run back, to reverse the ice break,
To try and get, this permanent damage undone.

I turn, and I flee,
But with ease, the ice only catches up with me,
And I cannot,
I have sunken down deep,
my head falls under,
and only then, does my conscious crumble in a heap,
Glaring silently at the mistake that was overseen by greed,
That mistake that was done.
My eyes fall under,
And the ice reforms, as it blacks out the sun.

I thrash, and I fight,
With all that I can,
With all of my might,
But I can only see,
That the ice, and my soul has turned their back on me,
And I shrink down,
Yelling for help,
Help from people, who I once left,
To cross the ice,
To a better shore, on the other side.

The layer goes deep,
The damage is done,
Everybody turns their back,
And they do not least but shun
They cannot see me,
I am trapped under an ignorance of ice,
With nothing but myself and my loneliness,
The only thing I ever lived for.
And it is only then do I realize,
That in the solitude of the ice,
That I was wrong, about what to live for.
So I drown,
With no one to help,
And I ask myself,
Why didn’t I see this coming to me before?
And only then do I see,
That I always had.
I always had it in me to see the thin ice,
I just chose not to notice it,
In my quest for something concise
I was blinded, by my wants,
And my true self, had drowned,
Even before, I had hit the thin ice

So here I am,
My body settled,
Chilled in fright,
For what becomes of me,
As there is no turning back,
No exiting the grasp of the ice.
And there is only myself,
Only me,
To shed, and give me a light.

The author's comments:
This is an Allegory, that i put into a poem format. It applies to everyone. Even you. Dont fall under thin ice.

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