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Mr. Sandman

February 26, 2014
By SophiaD11 PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
SophiaD11 PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
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Mr. Sandman,
Please make my dreams come true.
I’d do anything to meet you.
Every night, when everybody else goes to sleep,
You’re magic doesn’t work on me.
I think I’m scared of what I’ll dream.

It’s like my fears and insecurities make me unable to dream.
Mr. Sandman,
Please help me.
I want it to be like the fairytales, although I guess they aren’t true,
Where you sprinkle your glitter and I go to sleep.
What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?

I’ve been blaming myself, but maybe it’s you.
Who am I kidding, you don’t tell me what to dream.
All you’re supposed to do is make me go to sleep.
Mr. Sandman,
What if my nightmares come true?
Somebody… anybody, notice something is wrong with me.

People are meant to dream- that includes me.
I’m afraid of myself, of what’s inside my head, even of you.
I want my dreams to come true.
That’s hard when you don’t even dream.
Mr. Sandman,
Put me to sleep.

Slumber, doze, nap, sleep!
You need to give it to me.
Mr. Sandman,
Are evil- an entity that won’t even let me dream.
You give the illusion of serenity and calm, but then you deprive me and keep my dreams form coming true.

I know one thing is true.
You are cruel. You are blind. And I need sleep.
I’m scared of what you and I make- a dream.
And you.
Mr. Sandman,

Let me sleep.
Let my dreams come true.
Let me not be scared of the nightmares, let me face what’s inside of my own head, let me dream.

The author's comments:
This particular poem is written in the style of the Sestina.

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