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Dear Dorothy

November 2, 2008
By Lisa Murray BRONZE, Salisbury, Massachusetts
Lisa Murray BRONZE, Salisbury, Massachusetts
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There’s no place like home
Yes, we all know the song
But for me, what I found
Dear Dorothy, you were wrong

My home is in the never-ending stars
Where no one but God can reach
And the silence is piercing, but golden
With an unfiltered vacancy for speech

Words whispered among the stars
Never pass the susceptible ear
For whose heart ventures that far
Other than mine to hear

My home is in the unforgiving sea
Perishing in depths never been
Strangling in the deep, dark Atlantic
Suppressing the cold, shuddering within

Waves smothering my gasping breaths
Beating my thoughts, thundering lies
But nothing as calming as awareness
Of time, sailing on by

My home is in the scorching desert
Sand embellishing its burns on my feet
No water, no shade, no mercy
But my surviving soul to stand the heat

Time stands on end
The sun blistering in the sky
Heat engulfing my body
But letting my dreams pass by

My home, wherever it may be, stands alone
That’s the way I have made it to be
To be a sanctuary, a life, a future
That holds nobody but me

I’ve burned all my bridges
A long, long time ago
I bought guard dogs, built a wall
And dug myself a moat

I’ve made so many detours
On the road leading to my heart
Avoidance, the key to prosperity
Never reaching an end, always a start

So Dear Dorothy, thank you
But your words abandon me alone
Because for me it is simple
What I want, is no place like home

The author's comments:
The inspiration behind this poem is that I am forever searching for that one place that feels like home. What I've always know to be home, has never had the fulfillment to me that I've dreamed it to. Home is someplace where I should want to be, and that is what the poem is about.

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ababe123 said...
on Nov. 7 2008 at 1:03 pm
this is amazing ! i love i so much and it shows so much to the world that thinks everything is nice and good. I don't think that people really think about the "theres no place like home" thing. but you took it to a different place and its amazing =]