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Lonely Lullaby

November 1, 2008
By J.Elliott BRONZE, Ottawa, Illinois
J.Elliott BRONZE, Ottawa, Illinois
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Im me....

No feeling, No feeling
Stumbling life with out meaning
No emotion, No Reason
To change what I'm Feeling

No Reason, No Feeling
To change What I am
she left me behind and never looked back.

missing you there...now your gone where?
Can't Stop thinking About You
Didn't see this... could it be this ?
I'm Lost without you.

Run away...... Stay away
You got No Reason to leave
Run away ...... stay away
No reason to stay.... now your gone.

Rearrange for a season.... but only a season
You'll be Gone... when I wake from this dream.

Picked me up so quickly
thought I found what I'm seeking
Love me softly, Drop me just as fast

Rearrange for a season..... but only a season
Oh I wish.... this could have last.

I knew Love was a Feeling
Never Thought I would mean it
Never had Such a Lonely goodbye

It lasted a season
Still have a same feeling.
I still Love you
cant leave you behind.

You've left me like they did
what a Trick
I believed IT
No Reason To stay now your gone.

Drained down and broken
I can't stay focused
Still just thinking of YOU.

I lived For a Season
still wish I was dreaming.
Don't Wake me
I'll Sleep while your gone.

No Reason To Stay You've moved on...

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on Sep. 8 2012 at 6:40 pm
lamewriter SILVER, Chestertown, Maryland
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Really good.