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October 26, 2008
By Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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With no hesitation,
I take a deep breath,
I move forward, and I step,
Onto the thoughts that unwind,
And I fall, as they lead me
Into the shrouds of my mind

I hurl past memories, and forgotten
Pictures, left scattered on the floor,
I fly, and I pass,
Worlds of desolate, undiscovered lore,
And I hurtle deeper, keeping in my heart,
The sole thing that keeps me going,
What I am looking for.

I look back, over my path,
And observe, emotions,
All twisted with wrath, and I soar past,
My fiery beings, and I see,
What my feelings have done,
And with wonder, I watch into what,
These bloated emotions become,

With glory, and joy, they begin to transform,
From blackness, and despair,
They blossom with hue, and from scratch,
They begin to dance and repair, as malovent colors
Burst up, and flare,
And yet, there is an absence,
One I can’t see,
So I set off again,
Deep inside me.

I hurtle past dreams, both funny, and kind,
And I laugh, at myself, at these comic signs,
But very soon, I find,
A nightmare of a kind,
Filled with grasping, and pain, and as I cling,
Onto that one thought,
The thing I still sought, I travel on, although,
I knew, that it was all inane,
Only tucked away, in the corners of my brain.

I move on in my voyage,
Keeping with me only one thought.
I grasp, and I hug it close to me,
As if it would slip away,
like smoke in my hands,
or as if it would rot into decay,
but I cannot allow it,
as I hold it tight,
because I know this thought is a key,
to unlocking a door in myself,
to find out what makes me.

I am not aware,
As I effortlessly soar,
Of what I desperately search for.
I roam the boundaries of my mind,
For the years that unwind,
And yet, I cannot find,
what my heart yearns for.

It is only an Eternity,
To infinity and before,
Until I finally stumble
Across a intricate door,
And as I throw it open,
I stare ajar,
At my own inner core.

With wonder, and powerful awe,
I stare down,
At what my soul had always been looking for.
I look at myself, and I forget my pain, and sores,
My troubled shadows,
That I cast on the many floors,
And I leave my mind,
And I soar,
My conscience at peace,
And I find,
My missing emotion,
The one, I was looking for.


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