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October 13, 2008
By Kaytee SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
Kaytee SILVER, Highland Village, Texas
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Broken and tattered leaves
Lay sprawled upon the earth
In shades of yellow, brown, and orange
Fallen far from tree branches
Towering above

Though the leaves not only fall
Upon the ragged and moist ground
But also find their final resting places
Within the clouded water

Some of the leaves however float on top
Swirling along with the gentle current
Biding their time until at last
They dive down
To join their brethren below
Sinking deep into the rich black mud
Where peace welcomes them
With open arms at last

But from within the decay
New life reaches out to the sun and
In time it breaks the surface
Where it can now breath the air freely

The new born tree’s adore the
Old tall tree’s around them
Putting forth hope that they will
One day grow as tall and as beautiful

The elder tree’s give shade to the new
But allow shards of sky to fall
Through their tangled branches
And dance upon the water
Reflecting blue, grey, and white

When the water mirrors the sky
The new trees do not see
The death and decay that lurk
In the murky waters below

The young trees only see the reflection
As a reminder, a goal
Of what the will reach up for
Of what they will forever wish to touch

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