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How Summer Became

October 3, 2008
By withoutamuse DIAMOND, Dewey, Oklahoma
withoutamuse DIAMOND, Dewey, Oklahoma
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Dawn arose one day to find the moon still in the sky
He questioned the moon why he was still there
But the moon wouldn't answer his cry

So, dawn bid goodbye to the light of the night
His anger beginning to show
He lit up the sky, the sun shined so bright
That the heat scorched the earth to a bone

The people begged for the cool of the rain
And plead for the shade of the night
The moon watched high as ponds and lake dried
Waiting to make it all right

So when dusk came to take his place
Away from the sun's angry rays
The moon started greeting the stars with delight
Glad to be over with such a day

The sun passed the moon with an angry glare
But the moon still had not answered him why
So the sun cursed the days yet to come
That his wrath would take June and July

He promised that August, too, would feel his rays
And for the moon, the earth would pay
The moon rolled his eyes as the sun sank in the sky
And that's how summer became.

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