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Harrington Harbour: Forever Changed

June 9, 2013
By TrueDreamer SILVER, Ottawa, Other
TrueDreamer SILVER, Ottawa, Other
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Looks can be deceiving
In a town so small
It can seem so peaceful
Yet ‘tis not at all

The waves will crash
And the wind will forever blow
Seeming so sane
But the secrets remain below

Hidden underneath
The ignorance of the town
When tragedy struck
A little boy almost drown

Having to step up
Taking place of the father that could not
Aging fifteen years
That little boy did something he ought not

His mother was sick
And money was tight
It wasn't his fault
The poor boy lost sight

Thinking it the only way
The price he paid was high
What that poor boy left behind

While all those heads were turned
He snuck off very subtly
That poor boy had no choice
He sold himself for money

The author's comments:
Inspired by the novel: Tout là-bas by Arlette Cousture

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