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I Still Remember

September 8, 2008
By Jeremy Patesel BRONZE, Ventura, California
Jeremy Patesel BRONZE, Ventura, California
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Sitting here alone,
At the corner of “J” and Bard.
Memories start to flow,
Didn’t know it would be this damn hard.
Sitting in front of the sign
Where I remember last seeing you
Missing you, that’s fine
Cause there’s nothing else to do

I still remember that unbroken
Look in your eyes.
Your words, yet unspoken,
Could smash through my disguise.

Waiting for the bus,
At The Avenue and Main.
Memories of us
No longer driving me insane.
Sometimes I wonder
About you and me.
Shouldn’t let my mind wander,
Cause it will never be.

I’ve gotta stop thinking
Of things from the past.
Memories are shrinking,
I knew we wouldn’t last

Crossing the street
At Victoria and Moon.
Looking at my feet,
No longer missing you.
I’ve got someone on my mind.
I love her, I’m sure.
If you were here you would find,
That sadly you aren’t her

I still remember your name,
But vaguely remember your face.
It used to bring me shame,
But now that’s not the case.

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