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Death to Robbery

December 31, 2012
By Chelz PLATINUM, Iron Mountain, Michigan
Chelz PLATINUM, Iron Mountain, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"When life gives you lemons, bite into it and embrace the bitter taste of reality." (My own words)

Shattered glass
upon this floor
broken locks
knock down doors

Prison gates
filled with crime
judged emotion
doing this time

A memory about you
stays in mind
thick red blood
dropping below the line

Mission complete
job well down
murder around corners
its what we've become

Making friends
behind steel pipes
hiding secrets
throughout the nights

Feeling our emptiness
sounds of alone
25 to life
not able to go home

Second thoughts
death within the cells
writing on the wall
things that nobody tells

Once a family
now an empty lot
Smiles turn to tears
The finally go caught.

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