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Did You Know

June 14, 2012
By MotivatedInk GOLD, Columbia, South Carolina
MotivatedInk GOLD, Columbia, South Carolina
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Some people dream of success...while others wake up and work at it!

Shunned and alone she walks
Few understand her.
She earned the titles of h* or a s**t
The guys she loved have left her.

Did you know it's hard at home?
Where her parents barely notice her.
She needs love, not rumors
And finding it in men is the answer.
Walk in her shoes and you'll see
She's not who she seems to be.
A door closed off from the real world
She has the key.

He wore that outfit three days in a row.
His shoes have obvious holes.
And the way he smells?
Like milk expired months ago.

Did you know he has no clothes?
Sleep is scarce and food more so.
His parents can hardly afford the rent
He has no where else to go.
Walk in his shoes and you'll find
A cry for help, a discouraged mind.
Oh please, won't you be so kind?
Someone come and save me!

Labels go on groceries, not human beings
We all have a purpose.
Life was not meant for scorn and hate
It's just not worth it.

You say she's ugly, she's already depressed.
Call him weak, he cries himself to sleep.
Don't say she's fat, she's starving herself.
He's not retarded, he just needs extra help.

Did you know you have power?
To encourage, not discourage others.
Free the frightened and spread the joy
Accept them for their past and their color.
A smile a day can change the world
Uplift a soul, boy or girl.
Be the change you want to see
For him, her, you, and me.

The author's comments:
This is poem about everything I see and hear about in the world. How people deliberately insult others and not consider that they may be less fortunate. It's not fair to them, and they don't deserve to be treated that way. We all don't.

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