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Stealing Sleep

May 26, 2012
Lovejuice GOLD,
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I drift into your nightmare, your lifemare,
I steal your heart with malice, with flair.
I hold you close, at a distance,
I promise I'll be here, for all existence.
But I'm stealing your time, stealing your sleep,
Stealing your tears, making you weep.
I tell you it's all okay, in a bad way,
I'll be here for you to keep, I'm here to stay.
I'm your shoulder to cry on, your shoulder to grasp to,
The last thing on my mind is helping you, comforting you.
But I'm stealing your life, stealing your sleep,
Stealing your money, making you count more than just sheep.
I'm inside your mind, inside your thoughts,
Filling your stomach with butterflies, with knots.
I'm inside your dreams, inside your fears,
Digging in to last forever, to last for years.
But I'm stealing your soul, stealing your sleep,
Stealing what you earn, what you reap.
I'm stealing you, and you're all mine to keep.

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