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All In my Head

March 31, 2012
By Haylie SILVER, Minneola, Florida
Haylie SILVER, Minneola, Florida
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I live in a fairytale world

Filled with knights and ladies.

I dance around in my high tower

And sing with the birds in the trees.

I twirl about in the forest

Enchanted by the fairies.

Where snow is soft and never melts

And glistens like the salty seas.

I live in a fairytale world

Filled with cottages and castles.

Where apples are no longer poisoned

And Queens are no longer hassles.

Fairy godmothers belong to all

And the midnight rule does not apply.

Evil dragons and witches never existed

And no one has to die.

I live in a fairytale world

Filled with magic and love.

Where peasant girls win prince charming

And wishes made on stars are answered up above.

Where true love’s kiss can change a life

And give it to another.

Where promises are never broken

And love sails smoother than still water.

The author's comments:
I have been watching a bunch of Disney movies lately and daydreaming about fairytale worlds so, this poem came out of my daydreams :)

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