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A Teenager's Love

January 23, 2012
By Michelle.D SILVER, Hemet, California
Michelle.D SILVER, Hemet, California
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-Albert Einstein

Just for a moment oh so quick
you try to keep it before it slips
it like a firework beautiful and fleeting
and when it gone it leaves you needing

It so strong all in that second
its a force that should not be reckoned
it everywhere in our eyes
and just to get it we all tell lies

needed wanted desired
when you have it your inspired
soft and sweet but still explosive
when it strikes it prey it has no motive

the love that is so foreign and strange
for it everyone will change
love and hate wrapped up in one
so complicated its exotic to everyone

a roller coaster that will never stop
every low makes you heart drop
first strong then it leaves
the past owner always grieves

they try to keep it locked but it will never stay
when its starts it already begins to fray
the flash of light is gone to quick to catch
and when it broken it hard to patch

The love of a teenager is a flame
that leaves as quickly as it came
it is how we love and how we are loved

The author's comments:
Since I'm in high school I've seen tons of high school "romances" and I realized that pretty much none of them last, so that is what inspired this poem.

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