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Forever and Always

November 14, 2011
By emattox SILVER, Onancock, Virginia
emattox SILVER, Onancock, Virginia
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It feels like I could never get to know you enough,
To completely understand who you were.
You were a fantasy to me,
Someone who lived a life like no other.
And now your life is gone, along with you.
Never will you kiss me while we lay on the beach at sunset again.

Every time I would ask you a question about your life,
You would go off on another one of your whirlwind stories,
Always something new and exciting.
I always thought that when you did die,
You would go out with a bang, something that rightfully finished your amazing life.
Not something this simple, this mundane, this stupid.

I have found myself wondering what you would do if your life still existed,
Surely you would have won a Nobel Prize, or even an Oscar.
Your sixteen years, although well lived, were not enough.
Life goes on, everyone going through their normal routines.
Your endless trophies and medals catch dust without you here to care for them.
Or add to them.

Now, here I am at your funeral, still in a daze that you’re not here anymore.
I am standing over your casket, looking into your eyes,
Your lifeless eyes that you once used to gaze into mine for hours at a time.
The arms you used to wrap around me.
Your unmoving lips never to utter a word again.
So I will speak for you until we meet again, “I love you, forever and always.”

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