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House Of Glass

September 27, 2011
By DreamWriter17 PLATINUM, Marengo, Indiana
DreamWriter17 PLATINUM, Marengo, Indiana
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Will you start to see me?

Will you try to know?

The things I've tried to tell you

When you turn from me and go

To the world of glass

A house of transparency

Where the lips move

But the tongue can never speak

Where the faces shine

Through the bluish guilted windows

Cold, unfeeling, dead

Although nobody knows

Will you try to see me?

When will you start to show

My words have any effect

Or will I never know?

You're in the house of royals

Each puppet wears a crown

Each thrown is made of gold

Every eye gazing down

And out of the house of faces

Of light, of beauty, lies

I stare in through the window

And try to meet your eyes

I can see the crown of rubies

So heavy that your wear

But you sit up straight, regardless

Of the weight you bear

Will I never see you?

The way I see myself?

Or will you ever be a picture

Collecting dust up on the shelf

Your beauty captured forever

Your false smile perfected

The frame will break, the glass will crack

The inkstain bled out, infected

In the house of faces

Of blind, conceited thoughts

You're the king over them all

But I know you're not



Past the glass

Past the walls

Throw the crown away

Push the throne away

Gold will fall harder






And now you see me

My gown a tattered rag

Barely hiding who I am

A scarred and empty hag

And now you know me

Past the scraps and dirt

Tear the mask away

Hold me close and hurt

Me, tear me, slap me

You know who I am

Jealous, ugly, venemous

I'm poison to your hands

And now you see me

My web's ensnared your mind

Welcome to the house of reality

And leave your life behind

The author's comments:
When fantasy becomes reality, we do not know which to live in.

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