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If You Asked...

August 30, 2011
By MonaLisaSmile GOLD, North Liberty, Indiana
MonaLisaSmile GOLD, North Liberty, Indiana
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Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there. --Adam Young

If you asked me why I love you, I would say this:
I love the way you smile and how you make me laugh. You make me feel like I am standing in the sun, light and heat touching my skin. I love your sense of humor, how you can take a shot at me and expect it right back, playful banter. I love your intelligence that sometimes I feel is out of my grasp but I do argue back. I love your musicality and I love practically seeing music notes flowing through your veins. I love your passion for what you do and your determination to make yourself better, even though you don't have to. I love that I can share anything with you and not feel judged. I love how you make me feel; pretty and valuable. I love how you make me feel shaky with just one touch. I love how you hug me, even though usually you are the first to let go. (I hold on longer because I want your arms around me.) I love all these qualities of you and even more because they make up you. If you weren't you, I wouldn't love you. Well, there are two exceptions to that. One change would be to make you see how truly amazing and wonderful you really are. The other would be to make you love me back. I love you. Truly. That's what I would say if you asked.

The author's comments:
This is definitely from my heart and I wish I could share this with you... I love you.

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