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El Patio Del Diablo

August 16, 2011
By ConversingMute PLATINUM, Fowermound, Texas
ConversingMute PLATINUM, Fowermound, Texas
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Up in the mountain-top city
Deep in the urban sprawl
Where a little orphan girl
Clings onto her doll
In the old abandoned church
Where angels come to fall
Lies a broken man
Who isn't there at all

Behind his empty eyes
Through his vacant mind
Where his tiny inner-self
Watches his past rewind
Looking at the fractured faces
In the photos he can't find
He sees the slide-show fading
As the gears begin to bind
And he looks into the darkness
At the things he's left behind

Up in the mountain-top city
Past the rushing cars
Where boys become men
And hands get their scars
Beyond the crumbling houses
Where sky has no stars
In a pale, forgotten prison
Behind forty iron bars
A child cries herself to sleep
Trying to erase all the promises
That she couldn't keep

On the brittle brick-work bed
She tries to rest her eyes
But everytime she closes them
Someone she loves dies
Then she awakes in tears
Her panic begins to rise
She just can't be strong enough
No matter how hard she tries
She wonders what's still true
In this world built from lies

Up in the mountain-top city
Near an ocean that's rarely blue
Where life always misses its cue
And the news is never new
Where blood drips off the grass
Just like the morning dew
In the fragile town square
Almost split in two
The mayor paces impatiently
Trying to buy his time
He's always in a hurry

He's always rushing about
He's learned all there is to know
So he's waiting for his final breath
That will finally let him go
To his perfect, blissful afterlife
But time is running far too slow
Superficial dieties watch his pain
Like it's just a television show
After they had a good laugh
They released him from his sorrow

Up in the mountain-top city
On a worn-out cliff side
Where baby birds learn to die
And people get their nooses tied
Where the sun is never too bright
And our hopes are burned and fried
Under the protruding rock-visage
There's a cave where monsters hide
Your demons come there to play
They have a grand festival
That last until another day
And when they slit your throat
There will be nothing left to say

The demons dance around the fire
Scheming up something evil
They plot their cruel pranks
As much as they are able
In the garden of their wicked minds
The deep, dark dirt is fertile
They cast a terrible curse
On two kids named Jack and Jill
Jack died of a hemorage
And Jill became a cripple

Up in the mountain-top city
Where suffering is abundant
And bad luck is all around
Where hell-hounds follow the scent
And hearts are empty and null
Everyone's sold before a dime is spent
In this town of eternal gloom
There's nothing left to prevent
Every slaughter, plague, or war
Helps this town fester and ferment
And everyone living in this city
Leases from the devil and pays him rent
Because the morals of these people
Have been warped and bent
By the cries of falling angels
And the love and jot the town forwent
Crimson tears bleed from the eyes
Of the people of a town hellbent

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