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Some Better Years

August 16, 2011
By ConversingMute PLATINUM, Fowermound, Texas
ConversingMute PLATINUM, Fowermound, Texas
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I dream up a little fantasy,
About someone I never knew.
I forget all the memories,
I never made with you.
Because even though I try,
I never can share my love.
When I try show how I feel,
You just pass on by.
I know you'd never love,
A wretched freak like me.
I know you'd never risk your fame,
To ever let it be.
Yeah, I can see,
The painful reality.
Yeah, I can see,
Your disgust for me.
Yeah, I can hear,
All those dirty rumours.
Yeah, I have heard,
Every painful word.
But still it doesn't matter.
For I'm just a pathetic boy,
Who never truly fits.
Just playin' the King's fool,
A joke to be told,
A thing to be sold.
No one truly cares,
How I trully feel.
Because, to all of them,
I'm nothing, not even real.
Because It's easier to stand too proud,
Then to just bend down and kneel.
It's easier to ignore me,
Then it is to see.
It's easier to just walk around,
Then to fix the problems you've found.
I'm nothing in their eyes,
A shadow on the wall.
I'm nothing in their heart,
A meaningless name, that's all.
I'm the empty cardboard box,
That you throw away.
I'm the penny in your pocket,
That's still there day after day.
I'm just a common ant,
Scurrying through the grass,
Everyone's a young child,
With a magnifying glass.
You torture me,
Just to see me squirm.
You cut me up,
Like a little worm.
I might be lost,
I might be broken,
But I still have a heart inside.
I lose hope every now and then,
And I have too much pain to hide.
In this overlooked journey called life,
I know I can't reach the end,
Without passing through great strife.
So I collect my dwindling dreams,
and all my fractured little tears,
And I set off down the road.
Maybe I'll find some better years.

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