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I Know Not

June 22, 2011
By Shadowspast SILVER, Harrison, Arkansas
Shadowspast SILVER, Harrison, Arkansas
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"People act on others their own insecurities" -Unknown
Sarcasm is one of the many things i offer

I know not
The ways of the heart and mind,
Of the memories you've left behind.
I know not
Of what lies beneath,
The things hidden unseen.
I know not
The feelings you keep hidden away,
Those emotions concealed, safe.
I know not
The pain of which you've gone through,
The pain of losing someone dear to you.
But I do know
The feelings of the heart and mind:
Love, a feeling truly divine.
I know
That which lies beneath is a real person
I'd like to see.
I know
Of the pain you've hidden away,
Losing a loved one to a permanent end.
What I see is someone conflicted
His feelings not shown know bounds of restriction

The author's comments:
Connecting with other people. Sometimes it's hard to understand what others go through if you haven't gone through it yourself, especially if those people hide their emotions about what happened or is happening in their life.

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