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Unexpected King

June 25, 2011
By LightningForMyAllergies GOLD, White Bluff, Tennessee
LightningForMyAllergies GOLD, White Bluff, Tennessee
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When you look at me, you see only a fraction of my reflection, and my reflection shows only a fraction of me.

Waiting for the crown
and who's the king of today
that's not a clown
who's words and actions decay
but then we know
that we all find a time to go
standing below
the throne
asking what for sin can atone
then we know
crowns are made of stone
cold and hard and alone
but then the warm thunder rolls
its roaring tolls
no perfection
and rain falls down our new reflection
then the curtain is pulled
weren't we fooled
because it isn't what we expected
to find a king who's been neglected
and he doesn't sit on the clouds above
with angry justice- because his heart is broken
and his justice is only to love
and he holds his riches of mercy as a token
that he is poor
but love is not folklore
no, God is not folklore.

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