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Killed by a lover

May 14, 2011
By Br0k3n_BaBy_D0LL GOLD, Madisonville, Kentucky
Br0k3n_BaBy_D0LL GOLD, Madisonville, Kentucky
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Locked inside the cold
Gone forever
A body beneath the soil
Lying in a box of splintering wood

A corpse dressed in satin
A white gown covering broken bones
Flowers braided in her golden curls
Now sit on fair decaying skin

Roses still clutched in her hands
Pink petals wilted and dry
Her full lips beautiful and blue
Her eyes still filled with hurt

A glass slipper incases a small foot
Bruises are covered by thick sleeves
A spot of rusted blood on white silk
A knife still lodged in her broken, mangled heart

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