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The earth moves still

May 25, 2011
By DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
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It's hard to understand,
how the world continues to spin.
When a loved one parishes,
beyond the realms of time.
When heartache is so great,
that time is everlasting.
The air filling each breath,
stands still.
And the earth moves still.

The sun paces quietly behind the moon,
steady, stalking.
When the earth moves for no soul,
not you, nor I.
Through sorrow and grief,
beyond the mortal grasp;
The earth moves for time.

The author's comments:
As a child, losing my grandmother was the greatest pain I'd ever experienced. It stunned me that a person so amazing could be ripped away from my life without warning. I couldn't understand how my family could suffer such a loss and to the world outside it was just another day. Rain still fell, birds still sang, and the earth moved still. I remember being greatly upset, feeling the world had some nerve to keep on spinning while my world crumbled beneath my feet. I was only a child then. I know now, the world is a lot greater than me and my family. And if the world stopped for every heartbreak, then it would cease movement indefinitely. The world moves for time, not mankind.

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