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May 25, 2011
By DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
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"Poetry flows. Right from my heart, to the paper. The best poems create themselves within your heart, and your mind...well, the mind interprets them... See, think of your heart as the artist, and your mind as the audience... get it?"

Cliche words drip from this tired pen,
endlessly spilling over these pages,
re-occurring thoughts and emotions.
But to conjure a word to label this hour is impossible.
Perhaps impossible is as perfect as any other.
Because another chapter of my life closes with you,
taking you so far away,
overpowering a love so young and vulnerable.
Still memories linger on walls painted grey
as I set them free from my mind.
Goodbye, gives no justice to the time we shared, leaves no room to re-visit.
Its finality shows no sentiment.
Instead. Be well. Take care my love,
Take care of my love, I've left it all to you.
Take my heart, and take care of my heart,
It all belongs to you.

The author's comments:
Letting go of a love no young and mesmerizing is like waking from an amazing dream only to find, it was in fact, just a dream. That moment of realization is so heartbreaking, there aren't enough words in human language to describe it. But dreams, even the best dreams, are eventually forgotten. Lost love is unlike a dream in this way. No matter how it is lost, the ache in your heart cannot be forgotten. It haunts your wake and dreams and every relationship that follows. And if you are lucky enough to forget, then you may truly use the word Goodbye. But for the weary hearts with minds of an elephant; goodbye is impossible and farewell is a temporary fling.

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