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Withering Away

February 5, 2008
By krystan saviola SILVER, Niagara Falls, Other
krystan saviola SILVER, Niagara Falls, Other
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I see you lying there
Reaching out with your shaking arms
Your strength has reached a limit
As you try to squeeze my hand
You’re withering away right in front of my eyes
I feel the tears welling
But I mustn’t let you see
It would hurt you more to know I am sad
That I know what’s coming next
I must leave this room
For I can feel the cold on your skin
It lingers in the air above us
The smell of death arises
But I daren’t say goodbye
I’m not ready to let you go
But as I see you struggling to hold on
I know it’s time
And like the rose on the nightstand
You will wilt away

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