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Nobodys Perfect

February 11, 2011
By Danyalle97 BRONZE, Springfeild, Illinois
Danyalle97 BRONZE, Springfeild, Illinois
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I love you with all my heart,
But then I hate you,
Why are we like this?
We are supposed to love each other, we are family,
But I see the look in your eye, the look of disgust and hatred,
You say I’m stupid
But why?
Nobody’s Perfect maybe they are in there own way but nobody’s close to perfect,
Does a poem need rhyme for you to know it is a poem?; does a song need a back story for you to understand and like it?
Nobody’s Perfect
I Just need this for you to hear how I feel
I feel sad, I feel alone, I feel hurt and abandoned,
Have you ever felt that way?
You don’t even know my true colors and yet you judge them
I laugh when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad; just like anyone else
I have made plenty of mistakes
Who hasn’t?
I plead for you to stop the utter madness that is we,
I love you and you know that, when you die I will cry of course,
You where there for me when I was a child alongside my dad and your daughter,
You helped me and my sister to what and who we are today
I know where I got most of my spunk from you
Did you know that?
Sure you may not know but we are alike in many ways
I love you and want to stop this,
I love you,

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