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A Spirit's Song

January 19, 2011
By Purple.Ink SILVER, San Diego, California
Purple.Ink SILVER, San Diego, California
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On a ship that's run aground
Came a song of bitter sound
A spirit painfully moans and shouts
All through the night her cry rings out
And all throughout her dismal song
She sings of ways her love's gone wrong
Her sailor love has now been lost
Thrown off the ship the waves once tossed
There's something funny about the sea
It's never churning merrily
When humans try to learn its ways
The waves rebel, and end their days
A sailor, dying in a similar fashion,
Leaves a bride, with love-struck passion
But soon upon hearing of her love's demise
Loses will of life and dies
She haunts the ship upon the shore
It's creaking corpse will sail no more
And every haunted night she'll wail
It's possible for true love to fail

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