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My Antisocial Social Nightmare

November 13, 2007
By yourlonelylover PLATINUM, Harrington Park, New Jersey
yourlonelylover PLATINUM, Harrington Park, New Jersey
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I’ll write my book without you
I’ll sing my songs by myself
Friends only hurt you
To care is to be doomed
Suffer in love
Scream in attachment
Sever your ties, and
You are untouchable
I’ll go to my concerts alone
I’ll invite other people to my parties
Did you think you were indispensable?
On the contrary, my dear
I don’t need a sometimes friend
I laugh at you if you think I do
I don’t need an always friend
She’ll just whittle harder on my heart
Understand my perspective
Or get that sandpaper out of my chest
I don’t care, just
Stop bothering me to insanity
Maybe I just don’t care?
And the wind will blow and the sun will shine
And I will lay my tattered flowers
On another grave of a failed attempt at

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