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November 7, 2007
By yourlonelylover PLATINUM, Harrington Park, New Jersey
yourlonelylover PLATINUM, Harrington Park, New Jersey
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Where would we be without memories?

We laughed and we sighed
We ached from the pride
But we did it all as one

Nowhere. We’d lose our one guide

Where would we go without people we know?

A teacher, a friend
A helper to mend
So the mindset stayed the same

Nowhere. The path would just end

How would we stand without holding a hand?

A shoulder to cry on
A stretcher to lie on
And the loyalty never died

We wouldn’t. Our strength would be gone

Why would we cry when we said goodbye?

Ties faded away
And some hearts led astray
But for the world, we wouldn’t trade it

Because we cannot tell what will stay

Why would we say that it’s not our day?

So we’ll sing it out
Long, clear, and loud
And tonight, we shine together

We wouldn’t. It’s time to be proud

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