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In the Woods

June 14, 2010
By IAmMyself BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
IAmMyself BRONZE, Newton, Massachusetts
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In the woods

Swinging on a hammock
Swaying between the trees
Smiling at the sun
Singing with the bees

The wind brushes past my face
Whispers rushing by my ears
Gossiping about the day
The gusts bring friendly whoops and cheers

Strips of light warm my face
As rope presses against my back
I lie upon the intertwined string
Acquainted by my favorite snack

Bright colors flash before my eyes
Of green and brown and blue
They rush to paint my canvas
To turn from colors to something new

The scent of pine fills the air
Always noticed over and under
Every nook and cranny found
As I surrender to deep slumber

All of the animals sing they're song
As I dose off bugs can be heard
Nature throws its sounds at me
With every frog and every bird

All combined as an orchestral piece
They form to create the scenery
Now that you've seen what is to be seen
Why don't you come and lie with me

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by my cabin in Maine. I go there every summer and there is a hammock that everlooks the lake. I wrote this in my english class and my goal was to emphasize and secrete each sense in it's own stanza.

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