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math can go die

May 2, 2010
By andshesfearless GOLD, West Harrison, New York
andshesfearless GOLD, West Harrison, New York
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To do math or not to do math
That is the question
The hidden burdens of its wrath
Leads to some much contained aggression

The most hated subject in school by far
It’s like no one understands
Math leaves many people with educational scars
And no one offers a helping hand

The teachers all don’t teach
And then expect you to ace your tests
When you don’t, they think your hitting the beach
Instead of studying and getting all stressed

And even after a test every week
At the end of the year they give
A lot of unnecessary critique
And a regents, you don’t pass, you don’t live

Math, you just make life so hard
When are we ever going to use this
All we get from you is a fail on our report card
Why do you even exist?

The author's comments:
so we all hate math. i'm asian and i do. i mean come on! lol so i decided to write a poem about how much we all hate math =D

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