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Fall from Grace

October 12, 2007
By Lisa Wang PLATINUM, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Lisa Wang PLATINUM, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
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Cities burn down
Rocks crumble
and we cling to existence
Against all odds

Seas are drained
Mountains are parted
The very earth beneath us-
Rips open
We cling to existence
Like the sole light
In a universe of darkness…
A flickering candle
In the night

Someone once said
That the world hasn’t changed
It just got smaller
And the wonder is lost

The world hasn’t changed
We haven’t changed
We are still the same angry,
Ignorant, judgmental people
That we’ve always been
We’ve lived like this
For so long
We don’t know any other way

The Age of Man brought about
The Age of Reason
And now it brings an age of destruction

When will it be enough?
When will enough of us have died
To prove some point-
Long ago forgotten?
When will we have shed enough
Tears, blood, sweat
When will we have wasted enough
Of our live fighting each other?

As long as there is hate,
There will be war
And there will always be hate,
So there will always be war-
But it doesn’t have to end this way.

The world hasn’t changed.
And it doesn’t need to.
It doesn’t have to change-
But it can be different

It doesn’t have to end this way.

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