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When I Walk by

October 3, 2007
By Kathryn Mahan PLATINUM, Fredonia, Kansas
Kathryn Mahan PLATINUM, Fredonia, Kansas
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When i walk, i shuffle because i am not sure where i am going

i don’t talk because i'm not sure what i want to say

i keep my head down because the only thing that i'm sure of is the cement under my feet

i don’t mind grass

i don’t mind carpet or wood

but the cement doesn’t change

so I like it best

when I do talk

i'm not understood

no matter how many times I practice them

the words always come out wrong

so i don’t talk

when a storm comes

i like it

a storm is change

but always and forever change

so i don’t have to keep track of it

grey is a good color and

there are many shades of it

the grey is warm and soft

and invites me to be the same

my shoes are grey

so i can see them always

books are very good

i can read them many times

and always, the words are there

waiting for me

so i can be their friend

dark is better than light

but not very dark, only very dim

dark is grey and concealing

and doesn’t fade with the clouds

so i am comfortable in it

people are not good

not most of them

they change except for one thing

they are always cruelly ignorant

so i isolate myself even more

writing is a nice thing

if the words are wrong

i can erase them and fix them

and no one sees until the words are right

so my parents can see who i am

so i see them cry less

i am a person with a body and a brain that work differently

i am strengthened by people’s hatred and because i endure all this i have a gift

my gift is to be different and to know of my duty

to have compassion

to realize how wrong evil really is

to be bold enough to tell you...

and to live each day i can even though the only thing i'm sure of is the cement under my feet

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