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"My Little Bird"

April 1, 2010
By ReineBloodwolf GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
ReineBloodwolf GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
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"I will never fade away" "I will always be with you" "Yours in eternity" "Live for today but, look foward to tomorrow, and never forget to smile"

You're my little bird so blue and bright, You fly in the sky so high so right,I want to protect you but see you grow, Teach you the ways of life and laughter, Set you free into the world, Let you be you, the you that's always you, I love you I adore you with all my soul my undying soul, And with that I want you to still be and always be my little bird. You laugh you cry, you sing you dance, you make my heart grow, so keep soaring high to the heavens above and reach that which is unreachable, THAT which only you can see, and that which only you can be. Love:Mommy

The author's comments:
I was working in my english1 class today 4-1-10 (Ms.Ventresca's class) and i was looking at my best friend. for some reason i felt like writing about her (Erika) she's like if she was my little girl so i started writing this about her and as i wrote i started to get new ideas and that's how this piece was created and where my inspirasion came from.

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