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I Can't Go Home

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

While being taken from my Friends;
My dad told me we were going on a trip.
I didn't want to leave,
I was playing with my best friend.
A friend I will never see again.
As we walk through the town for our trip,
My mother begins to silently cry.
I don't understand why we have to follow these two strange men.
We walk for a very long time, and now my legs are sore.
I want to go home.
After what seems like forever, we get viciously thrown into a cabin that is not at all pleasent.
The next morning all of the lucious brown hair that my mother and I used to have,
was ripped off our delicate heads.
I want to go home.
The food tastes like rubber;
I am so very cold.
I just want to sleep, but,
I must do the work these men say to get what I want.
I want to go home.
The strange men take me;
Just me.
I go into this dark hole in the ground.
They say it is a shower and I may go.
While the shower is running,
I start to feel the freezing mist.
I'm officially not in a shower anymore.
I am finally home.

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