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I must say… Mother

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

I must say… Mother

Things don’t always go
The way they really should,
I wanted to be loved,
But most of all under stood.

I tried and tried to
Tell you the pain,
I had nothing to lose,
But my childhood to gain

Why weren’t you with me?
Why weren’t you here?
Couldn’t you hear me?
As I cried out in fear?

I know you had to work
And places to go,
But I need to ask…
Did you ever know?

He hurt me, abused me
Day after day…
While all my friends,
Were out to play

Do you know what he did
When I was only five?
I can’t help but wonder,
Why I survived.

It must be the path
That I’ve chosen to take
For the life I have know
Could not be a mistake

For once in my life
Im happy with me,
No longer yearning
To set my soul free

I love you dear mother
This you must know
But writing my poems
Helps let the pain go!

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