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Forward Unto Dawn

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

That fiery lavender sky has dispersed
into a thousand glittering specks,
The stars beckon the moon, who slowly joins them-
no gloomy clouds disturb them tonight;
Meteorite shards burn in the atmosphere above
and as if a child, I catch myself wishing,
hoping, for some comfort as I cling on to my youth.
It is tired of me and wishes to pass on.
How many wasted hours have flown by, lost forever?
while I have only half a life left.
My memory deceives me,
those hours were not wasted,
for they were life.
And thus, I will not waste what remains,
because every sunset and sunrise is precious.
Until my night comes for the final time,
I will press on,
forward, unto dawn.

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