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What Has My Life Become?

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Oh, what has my life become?
I've recently been labeled old by some.
Heard it from some young punk
but that's just fine, I don't want no fuss
a man learns with age he must adjust.
A few years back that kid wouldn't know
i woulda struck him hard right between the eyes
and grin with content until he'd apologize.
Oh, that man I once knew has long left this body
Nowadays, I just look straight-ahead and smile
and laugh when relatives whisper of me being senile.
although my bones are brittle I feel my mind is sharp.
and continue to wonder what new things i might see
i hope to see Earth awhile longer, but i'll make no guarantee
life is unpredictable, for you'll soon know as well as me.

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