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17 and standing up

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

you've confused truth and opinion
controlled my thoughts and decisions
pushed me so far to resentment
destroyed my hearts hope for contentment
made me follow and believe just like you
you've left me no choice, nothing to choose
i can't take a step without asking permission,
can't pave my own path without a contradiction
pretending to agree only lasts for so long
not coming home just to prolong,
the judgmental stares you glare at me
the deceiving talks i'll never agree
so why can't you let me decide
whats right or wrong what i feel inside
obviously you want me to grow and mature,
yet you don't hear my voice, it's all i have to be sure
respect and trust i do understand
but guidance and help is more than demand
it takes love and it takes care
it takes looking past reasoning fair
it takes forgiveness and healing
so i can move on with my feelings
and i know it takes time
and i get that you mad, and thats just fine,
but it's like a knife slicing at my heart
and i wish i could change it and go back to the start
but pretending it didn't happen hurts more,
cause learning from mistakes is what you swore,
is how people get better and become good
so listen, observe if you just would,
you would see how responsible i act
and how selfless i am and thats a fact,
i want to be close and get out of this mess
i want to be equal and nothing less
and all you have to do is look me in the eye
tell me you love me and tell me I'm right
tell me you get it and been where I've been
tell me people make mistakes, everyone sins
tell me I'm not alone and you'll always be here
help me fight tears and suppress all the fears
and lastly don't take me like a joke
remember these words and remember your folks
and how you felt when you were trying to grow up
and the day they gave you back all of their trust

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