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I am Unknown

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

I am unknown, even to those who knew me.
I hear blood thirsty silence.
I see innocents suffer.
I say nothing above the lightest breath.
I cry for those who were killed or tortured for no actual reason.
I am unknown, even to those who knew me.

I am on the move.
I want the torture to cease.
I need to free those in torment.
I hope all Hitler's lies will be realized.
I fear being caught releasing any who are dealt this undeserved harm.
I am almost a vague shadow.

I am anonymous.
I feel compassion and sorrow.
I try to save those who are in mortal peril.
I wonder if anyone of future years will be able to accept the knowledge of these times.
I dream that all this injustice be permanently removed.
I am unknown, and so I shall remain, until my life is lost of our victory gained.

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