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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

April 1st

He's beautiful
in and out
even though he is falling apart.

His hair dyed and bright,
his soul good and right
his arms scratched with fight
green eyes for sight
to see all of the horrible things in his life

his skin light and clear
his arms stretched in near
to keep himself from his fears
and to wipe away his fallen tears

his lips curved to a sigh
waiting for his time to die
waiting for his time to fly
waiting for the time to say goodbye

Moving from town to town
in himself each time was a new person found
gradually some friends would come around
but than to a new town he was bound
and he left without making a sound.

he finds himself in many of girls favor
but their lust will not savor
just to find them with another guy later

he promised himself never again
to fall into a relationship and refused to bend
and his heart would
never be again out for lend

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