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Your Heart Mends

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Once your heart is broken.
You give up hope.
Your dreams are shattered.
Everything that you thought was real at first from the Love, to the Laughter and
to the happiness that you two once both shared, went bye-bye and ended.
All of your future plans came to a sudden halt. And everything STOPPED!
During that moment you begin to cry and can feel your heart ripping into tiny shredded up little pieces. Than wonder if you can even bare to get through the horrid pain and suffering and heartache, wondering if you did anything wrong to make this relationship go down the drain.
The fact is . . . . .
Is that you didn’t do anything wrong.
You were perfect.
You catered to his needs and all that sorry bastard did in return was break your fragile, loving, and kind heart..
“A Woman Once Told ME, that A Broken Heart Will Soon Mend, It Just Takes Time to Realize It”. When that time comes, you will be ready, and you will be perfect again. You will find a guy and you will fall in love. And that guy will treat you better than you could ever imagine possible.
So take your time. When you’re ready your guy will be waiting.

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Momo said...
on Jan. 21 2011 at 5:48 pm
i loved ur story! i hope that more people would would read this! i hope u conyinue to right storys. I give u my luck from momo!