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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous


15 years of life.
Experience, but not enough,
Not enough to say I’ve lived.
I want to, but how?

Its there, beyond the horizon.
My fingertips brush the fringe
Before I’m pulled back by reality.
It’s a beautiful picture I feel I’ll never reach.

I’m constantly chasing it.
My heart beating ceaselessly into the future I pursue.
As soon as I catch it, fate throws a curve, and it dances
It leads and I follow the steps to its music.

I want to struggle with life.
Climb it, jump over it, soar high above it… feel it.
Experience it all in one breath,
But I merely exist, strolling along at a pace far to slow for me.

I want to live the life I’ve read about in novels.
Dramatic, romantic, thrilling, exciting,
Fast-paced, wild, even a little dangerous.
But 15 years have already passed me by.

I sit here,
Waiting for the world to be made.
Impatient and restless.
When will life start?

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