Judgements | Teen Ink


May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

People judge people
There is nothing you can do
The goal is to accept
What people think of you.

If you worry too much about this
You will turn into
A bitter non-trusting teenager
With a “social flu”

People get caught up
With where they sit at lunch
And don’t even think
About their ideal bunch

They sacrifice their own
Ideas and beliefs
For a chance to fit in
And provide some relief.

In some cases it’s true
That there isn’t discrimination
Towards what you look like
And no intimidation

But these cases are rare
And hard to come across
In this perfect world
All the groups will criss-cross

So just deal with it
Don’t worry about what people think
Because if you dwell too much on this
Your confidence will soon shrink.

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