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May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

It's like singing in the rain, or dancing in the moonlight.
It's like the prince set out to find a Cinderalla of his own.

It's the innocence in a young child's eyes,
It's the wisdom in an elderly man's heart.

It's the beautiful bright eyes on a mid-summer evening,
It's the tender loving eyes on a chilly winter night.

It's the man too afraid to conquer his deepest fears,
It's the woman too alone to erase her checkered past.

It's the dog abandoned looking for a new home,
It's the couple struggling to save there crumbling marriage.

It's the stripper working away the mistakes she's made,
It's the businessman trying to ignore the life he no longer wants.

It's the beginning of the life that has no boundaries,
It's the despair at the funeral of a fallen hero.

It's the Alpha and the Omega,
It's the Yin and the Yang,
It's the match made in heaven.

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