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My Favorite Looney Bin

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

A freestyle life, a life of art
A life of song, a life of music
A dramatic life of theatre
It’s super
It’s strange
Another kid disturbed

We all are disturbed
Because of our art
Because we are different, we are strange
Because we bathe and bask in our music
And think that we’re popular, cool, super
But we just leave to come back to our dance and our theatre

We actors have only theatre
Our reason for being disturbed
And it’s great! It’s super!
It’s our art:
The music driving you crazy is all that makes you sane. Music
Is not real; it is strange

Tribal, beautiful, but still strange
The shadow following us says that the theatre
Students have no life. We agree as we walk toward the music.
He has gone backstage. Another kid disturbed
Now don’t you think that this life of art
Is stylish? Is super?

So come to this super
Asylum, and meet my family, my strange
Deranged art
Istic family. Walk into our theatre
And tell us that you are not disturbed
If you feel the music…

So keep your sanity, don’t be the music
Like us. Leave us? Super.
IT won’t miss you. It is too disturbed
To care. But do you feel the music? Are you strange?
Different? An outcast? Super. Welcome to the theatre
Welcome to the art

Your theatre… your music,
Your strange, disturbed life,
And your superbly shunned ideas, Welcome to the academy where you are the art.

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