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May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Moonlight centers like an intense spotlight on the bellowing opera singer. Loud as a foghorn on a misty morning, the bullfrog takes the stage and shatters the silence like a baseball through glass. Pitter-patter like tap-dancing fairy footsteps goes the steadily drizzling raindrops. A sharp cry echoes out of the vulture’s beak while an animal gasps its dying breath. The river rages like a spilled drawer of ribbons, pouring over mossy rocks foaming, frothing like freshly churned milk. Waves rock the pitiful sea boat back and forth like a toddler would move back and forth in a bathtub to dare his toy boat to doom. Paint peeling the Alaskan crabbing boat looks as grizzly as its aged captain although its boards still ache for the taste of the ocean’s salty tears and its sails still billow in the ocean’s song. Birds dive through layers of wispy moist fog, the tall tale remnants of the ancient mountain man’s beard. Treetops moan their agony like a grandpa with arthritis while their limbs sway like a tipsy sailor on a deck drenched with the ocean’s sweat. I gaze around me and see that the simplest things in life are the most extraordinary.

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